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Details about my prints can be found in my Etsy shop where they are all available to buy.

Sizes stated are image size. There is a border of 3-5cm around each image to allow for framing. 

Blue Tits. Linocut.

Winter Blue Tits. Linocut.

21 X 14.5cm.Edition of 45.

Sunflower and Bees. Linocut

 Sunflower and Bees. Linocut.

13 X 13 cm

Edition of 75

Greyface Dartmoors. Linocut
Running Hare. linocut

Running Hare. Linocut.

30 X 20cm

Edition of 20

Greyfaced Dartmoors. Linocut

20 X 30cm approx.

Edition of 25.

Hedgehog in a Pot. Linocut

Hedgehog in a Pot. Linocut.

15 X 11 cm

Edition of 100

Tortoise. linocut

Tortoise. Linocut

15 X 10 cm

Edition of 20.

Birch Trees. Linocut

Birch trees. Linocut on handmade Dekar paper

15 X 20 cm

Edition of 10

On the Allotment. Linocut.
Fossils. Linocut.

Fossils Linocut.

34 X 21 cm

Varied edition of 20

Urban Fox of 50.jpg

Urban Fox  Linocut Print. 20 X 15cm. Limited edition of 50

On the Allotment. Linocut

30 X 21 cm

Edition of 20

Duck Pond

The Duck Pond. Linocut Print.

30 X 20cm. Limited edition of 45

Linocut. At the Feeder_

At the Feeder. Linocut Print.

30 X 20cm. Limited edition of 45

Fish Collage.jpg

River Bed. Collage

60 X 50cm approx

Pelargonium with white rim of 75.jpg

Pelargonium with white detail. 15 x 15cm  Linocut. Edition of 75

winter forest.jpg

Winter Forest. Collage

50 X 40cm approx

pelargonium with yellow rim edition of 75.jpg

Pelargonium with yellow detail. Linocut 

15 X 15cm. Limited edition of 75

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